About us

Ken Wong, Founder
Hi there! My name's Ken and I'm the founder of Board Game Reader. I'm a graphic designer, marketer and an upcoming Voice Artist! I have a passion for board games and often host them for my friends. Which is exactly where this idea stemmed from: during one tiring night, the following words were uttered by one of my friends "I wish there was something that could read all this out for us" and thus a series of cogs began to turn!

Likes: Dr Horrible's Sing along Blog
Dislikes: Bad driving

The Goal
The main goal at this stage is to establish a full database of materials so that game organisers and players alike can have an easier time learning new games. As a second instalment to further improve educational merits, we plan to release a series of videos summarising the rules of a board game in a new category called TLDR. At Board Game Reader we sincerely hope to bring more people into the board game scene because with all the digital innovations out there, it's nice to go back to more simpler roots and let's face it, there's nothing like a nice night in with family & friends that I'm sure most of us had enjoyed as part of their childhood (excluding the odd overly competitive Monopoly!). And if smoothing the learning curve will accomplish a bigger interest in board games, then we'll do our best to help!

Voice Actors
As there are a lot of games out there that needs narrating, I may need help from other Voice Actors who can spare a little time to narrate one of their beloved board games. This will give you added exposure as your voice will be accredited to the reading(s) that you do! We will also add you to the Voice Acting Team below! So if you're interested, why not fill in one of our contact forms with a demo of your voice over work or throw us an email.

Aimee Henderson, Voice Actor
Long-time voice owner and part-time voice actor. I have a real love of character voices. Whether they're evil villainesses, small wide-eyed children or both! I've recently been providing voice work for boardgamereader.co.uk and for Ugly Blue Hat for their podcasts Marutech University (Jules) and Dead Earth (MJ, episode 5-6) I'm hoping to add to this list more and more with the hope that one day I could have my very own IMDB page!

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Abby Sharratt, Voice Actor
Description coming soon!

Example A - Example B

Brittany Ann Phillips, Voice Actor
Hello, I'm a voice actress from Canada! I can portray female voices from preteen to young adult!

Soundcloud - YouTube - Casting Call Club - Twitter

Nick Eriksen, Voice Actor
Stage and Voice Over talent based in NJ/ NYC

Demo Reels - Twitter

Samuel Blokland, Voice Actor
I suppose I'm a young aspiring voice actor from Australia who wants to see if he has anything worth bringing to people's industries and projects haha!