10 Manuals Narrated

10 Manuals Narrated

10 manuals

Yes! At last we’ve reached 10 manuals fully narrated with more to come in the future! It just took a little while to get here but a milestone is a milestone and we hope to reach many more! We’ve now over 40 videos uploaded on YouTube totalling more than 260 minutes worth of recordings! It doesn’t sound too much summarising it like that but I assure you plenty of time has been used to carefully create this content!

Our 10 Manuals:

Which is your favourite??

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Are you a Voice Actor?

Are you a Voice Actor?

Voice Actor

If you’re a voice actor and are interested in volunteering your voice for one of our readings feel free to email me at boar[email protected], and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible! One of our boardgames contains a lot of reading material, if you’d like to hear a few examples please check out Betrayal at House on the Hill!

All I need from you is a clear adult voice, if you could send a link to your demo that would be great! Your subscription is always appreciated too!
If you’re chosen, you can always rely on us to do audio clean up  – some standard trimming is expected though! Of course, your recording will be sent back for your approval first before any usage.

• You’ll get to have more publicity! (I’ll be happy to credit you, your site and include you on our voice actor list)
• You’ll practice in both story-telling and instructional narration!
• You’ll be encouraging board game enthusiasts; kids and elders alike!

We will try our best to review each demo but as this site has just started, there’s a lot to do, we do have a ton of materials ready and they’ll be short readings rather than the long readings (10min+) unless you’d like to opt in to read the longer ones. Based on the demand, we may be unable to answer all submissions but we sincerely thank you for your interest!

Using BGReader

Using BGReader


You may be wondering why use BGReader? There’s plenty of Let’s Play materials out there that gives more than enough instructional resources: I personally recommend Geek and Sundry‘s channel because it’s very very entertaining!

So why use BGReader?

1. We’ve got Voice Actors!

We don’t just narrate manuals, but we also set the mood with our story-driven reading too! Take Betrayal on House of the Hill for example, a classic game where there are 50 different scenarios each with their own background story. Instead of having players fumble around a manual, a user can load up our videos and fully immerse in our narrative – saving time and adding to the spooky atmosphere!

2. We’ve got Manuals!

Yes, each box comes with a daunting manual! Yes, I do watch Let’s Play videos prior to playing a game! But from my personal experience, YES, I still end up reading the manual even after watching! – I can’t seem to avoid it for complicated games! So I really hope that these manuals help family and friends enjoy more of their time playing than learning. For these manuals, I’ve tried to use as little visual cues as possible so that people can listen on the go! Narrating Dead of Winter’s rule book actually lasted 32 whole minutes!

3. We’ll have more!

Depending on the success and popularity of this venture, our next set of phases is to provide easy to learn guides, frequently asked questions (because I ask them so often myself!) and playthroughs for added experience. In the meantime however we’re going to plow through as much manuals as possible, so please send us any game requests that you’d like to hear from us!

Thank you for supporting us, please share this website and channel with your friends as our existence relies on your help. Remember! Listen, Learn, Play!

Website Launched!

Website Launched!

website launch

Excellent news! The website is now officially out of maintenance mode. We have covered 6 boardgame manuals so far and we are currently under schedule for recording more and more content!

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    We’re still recording and editing our content for Betrayal at House on the Hill and Dead of Winter, however we hope to narrate the following manuals next:

    • King of Tokyo
    • Agricola
    • Dead of Winter: A Long Night
    • Pandemic

    If you have any suggestions, please feel free to fill out our forms here and we will try to prioritise it as soon as possible!

    Have a pleasant day and happy gaming!

    Website Under Construction

    Website Under Construction

    I’d just like to write our very first blog entry! The website is currently being designed and tested on a variety of browsers and so far it is about 80% complete. If there are any errors or anything that you would like strongly changed, please email me at [email protected].

    What remains to be finalised are a few pictures, some text polishing and of course it cannot be complete without the actual content! So recording will take place shortly, we should be able to reach our initial planned release date on the 1st of October, but I hope that we can beat this date and start pumping promotion straight away!

    Just for future reference, later blogs will primarily focus on:
    – Any form of exciting news/updates that you may be interested
    – In-depth Board Game Reviews
    – New Voice Actor Highlights
    – Milestones

    So I hope you enjoy and look forward to new content!